Derek Godin

  • Days as Champion: 0 days
  • Successful Defenses: 0
  • Game Win Percentage: 33.816%
  • Match Win Percentage: 23.864%

"As with any resource we treasure, a Magic format that is inaccessible to a player because it is prohibitively expensive or subject to the whims of a secondary market is most emphatically not a format of the people. It is our firm belief that a true representative format accounts for the thousands of cards unceremoniously cast aside by the formats of the bourgeoisie. While they gorge themselves on bread, we round up the chaff to feed the livestock and till the soil, so our game can evolve in ways that surprise even us! Let this be as true far in the future as it is today: jank draft is the format of the people."

—Epigram at City Hall, dated 21 July 2018