Noah Century

  • Days as Champion: 511 days
  • Successful Defenses: 5
  • Game Win Percentage: 62.500%
  • Match Win Percentage: 66.292%

Noah Century is, quite simply, the greatest champion Jank City will ever know. As one of the members that has witnessed its creation, Noah has a great respect for the design of its Lord Mayor and Creator, Derek. Clearly, this design included a ladder of power, upon which Noah belonged at the top. But this rightful order has been repeatedly challenged with new contenders and false champions, deluded into thinking they have the power to sit where only the greatest deserve to. Noah welcomes these contenders as an additional challenge to overcome on his quest to reclaim his rightful place as the champion of Jank City, a place which has been so woefully denied to him recently through fluke and a poorly managed schedule. For his victory shall taste all the sweeter if more pretenders need to be crushed on the road to achieve it.